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Pretty sure this is going to be the last week I have a girlfriend.  Unfortunately, our relationship seems to be changing to one of pure convenience for her.  Every time she has a talk with her boyfriend, our (hers and mine) relationship changes. Whether it is less time on Skype to the point where we do not Skype or Call one another anymore, or less in person time.  Hardly any texts now.  She also has stopped with all pet names or calling me baby.

Scenario A) She has gotten comfortable and complacent in her relationship with me and is now treating it just like the one she has with her boyfriend.

Scenario B) She is tired of me and is being nice to me to get me to watch the kid and knows I am excited for her birthday and is just putting up with me to get me to do things for her.

Scenario C) He has put a set of rules into place regarding our communication and instead of telling me about it she is going to take the blame herself.

The fact is I deserve better than how I am being treated.  This is not how you act in a relationship.

I want things to go somewhere and I really wanted them to go somewhere with her….I love her.  But if all she wants is someone to call her girlfriend who is only there when it is convenient for her, she has the wrong girl.

Feel free to drop some letters in my inbox or leave comments if you think I should give her a chance to explain herself.